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Master Hunter Products

Master Hunter Products in the Media

"Master Hunter: The Game" review in Wyoming Wildlife Magazine

by Jeff Obrecht. Reprinted with permission.

Master Hunter is a board game on a similar format to Trivial Pursuit, but hunting isn’t trivial — at least in Wyoming — and that’s the attraction of this novel, engaging encounter.

I found that out because Wyoming Wildlife assistant and associate editors Judith Hosafros and Ty Stocktory along with veteran information officer Al Langston and I had fun field-testing this product produced by Jackson outdoor writer and avid hunter Dan Lamoreux.

In place of “pies,” you earn pictured coins of North American wild animals (not all are game species, because a prairie dog is in the mix) by correctly answering the question a fellow opponent presents you from a stack of cards. Between the coin—earning stations, your roll may land you on a spot where correctly answering the question only earns you another roll. You can also land on an asterisk, where you risk a directive (could be good or bad) similar to a “chance” card in Monopoly. Earn six species coins and then beat it back to base camp in the Midwest to answer the final question to win. Unlike Trivial Pursuit, questions are not specific to the category, or in this case, species. Although all questions come from the same stack, they are substantive, well researched, and fun to address. (Mind you, the stack was too tall for us to get through all in one hunt.)

“The game is not too advanced for novice hunters, yet it still has questions that will cause a seasoned hunter to stop and think,” Stockton said. “It’s a good game for those new to the sport, but even better for a mix of rookies and veteran hunters—it would serve as a springboard for conversation that will help new hunters better understand the sport while rekindling the old—timer’s passion.”

Stockton went on to win our game, but anyone who unwraps this gift or is invited to play gets an off-site hunting experience right from the card or dining room table. Although not yet on local shelves, Master Hunter can be mail-ordered for $19.95 plus shipping (and sales tax in Wisconsin and Wyoming) at

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